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[ Jiggy Locations ]

1) Find Nipper the giant hermit crab (to the left of the entrance portal,can't miss him) and talk to him. You have to fight him. Use your rat-a-tap rap move on him between the eyes. You have to do it between his sessions of trying to grab you with his claws. Timing is everything,and if you hit him three times he will scurry away. Enter his empty shell and claim your jiggy.

2) You have to find the area of water with the sand castle in it. Before you go there, go to the shelf above the pond and shoot two eggs into leaky the bucket. He will drain the water. Now, enter the castle and spell out BANJO KAZOOIE (no space) on the floor, using the beak buster move. The gate will rise revealing your jiggy.

3) After you learn the shock spring jump from bottles( see the mole hill guide),jump from ledge to ledge using the first shock jump pad where you learned the move. At the end of the ledges is a cove with a jiggy inside.

4) Climb or fly up the pathway that leads to the ponds. At the bottom of the top-most pond is a jiggy.

5) Look for the tall structure in the water. In order to get the jiggy, you must get to the top. The start of the path is to the left of the legdes you used to find the third jiggy, in the water. Work your way up to the top and in a cave is a jiggy.

6) Find captain Blubber on his ship in the middle of the world. Talk to him and he asks you to find his lost treasure for him. The first piece is at the bottom of the hold. swim through the entrance and grab it. The second is in the forward hold. Swim through the hole, grab the treasure, and give it to blubber. He gives you a jiggy.

7) Climb to the top of Blubber's ship to the flight pad. Look to the left and you'll see a cave with a treasure chest there. Fly to the ledge, then flip flap jump in to the chest to get the jiggy.

8) This jiggy is on the top of the light house. The easiest way to get there is to fly to the top, but you will need alot of red feathers. Another way is to fly to the ledge on the right side of the big tunnel, then go up the stairs and work your way up to the lighthouse. Beak barge the door, and go up to the top to get the jiggy.

9) On top of the tower of green bricks is a big red X. Beak bust the X and it will tell you to follow the clues to find gold. Use the flight pad and fly in the direction of the arrow. Keep following the clues untill you get a clue that is a big question mark (?). Look around toward the ocean and you will see the final X mark and a crab on a sandy island. Beak bust the X and a moving treasure chest will appear. Beak bust that and claim your jiggy.

10)The final jiggy is obtained by finding the five jinjos.(see the jinjo guide below)

[ Bottles' Molehills ]

1) The first is how to use the shock jump pads. He is located where you started the third jiggy, on the ridge above the sandcastle pool.

2) The second molehill is on the mast on Blubber's ship. He teaches you how to fly.

[ Jinjos ]

1) Under the entrance dock is a blue jinjo. Retrieve it quickly before Snacker the shark gabs you.

2) Climb all the way up on blubber's ship's mast to retrieve the green jinjo.

3) Near the highest pool of water is a long strip of wall. At the end of it is the orange jinjo.

4)The pink jinjo is on one of the ledges you used to get the third jiggy.

5) Near the side of the mountain, the yellow jinjo is on top of a tree on a ledge.

[ Honeycombs ]

1) Near the first pool of water is a green ledge to get to the other pools. Jump of into the ocean below there and deep under the water is a honeycomb piece.

2) The second Honeycomb is on a box floating in the water, just offshore from the snapping treasure chests. The easiest way to get it is to fly.

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