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[ Jiggy Locations ]

1) To the right and back of the mansion, find a hut. Inside, slide the letters around the floor to spell out Banjo Kazooie.

2) Walk past the hut and back until you come across a well. Jump down, kill whatever enemies are down there, and grab the jiggy in the pail.

3) Find the stairs that take you up to a fenced in area with a church behind it. Beak bust the fence entrance, and then locate five flower pots spaced about the yard. Have Kazooie lay 3 eggs into each pot, after which a Jiggy will appear.

4) The next jiggy is located inside the church, but the door is locked. To open it, you must first hit a switch with the Beak Buster in the bottom right of the area. Grab the shoes, and quickly run through the now open door of the church before the timer ends. Inside, work your way up to the keyboard, and then from there to the stand next to it. A ghost will appear, and play a specific pattern of keys, which you must copy exactly in order to get the jiggy.

5) Get to the roof of the mansion, and then jump down the chimney. In the room, jump onto the table, then walk through the back of the ghost to get the jiggy.

6) Behind the mansion you will find a set of stairs, at the bottom of which is a breakable door. A jiggy is located in one of the barrels.

7) As a pumpkin, go behind the churchyard and find a hole on the stone wall that is big enough for you to fit through. Bounce along the hedge until the reach the mansion roof, then drop down the drainpipe there to reach the jiggy.

8) At the entrance to the church is a tombstone that you can use to reach the roof. Walk around it until you hit the section with a mumbo token. Grabbing it will send you to the top of the church tower with a shock jump pad. Use it to get to the weather vane, at the top of which is a jiggy.

9) On the mansion roof you will come across a window near the shock jump pad. Break it, then turn into a pumpkin. Go through the now broken window, jump into the toilet Loggo, and follow the pipe to the jiggy.

10) Collect the 5 jinjos (see guide below)

[ Molehills ]

There are no molehills in Mad Monster Mansion.

[ Jinjos ]

1) The blue jinjo requires the use of a shock jump bad in the bottom right of the area. He is sitting on a pole.

2) The green jinjo is on the roof of the mansion.

3) The orange jinjo is to the far bottom left of the area, in the maze.

4) The pink jinjo is in one of the barrels in the basement (see jiggy location 6).

5) The yellow jinjo is in a window on the third story of the mansion (you have to break the window to reach him).

[ Honeycombs ]

1) First break a window on the second story of the mansion that opens to a room with dilapidated floors. Come back as a pumpkin to find the honeycomb.

2) Inside the church, you must use the flight pad next to the organ to reach the rafters. Work your way to the beam in the middle, where you can jump above you to the second honeycomb piece.

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